Minors and Concentrations

Here at RIT, students have a variety of minor and concentration option.  There are almost 120 different minors and about 40 concentrations that are offered across campus. Please click here to see a list of the minors and concentrations offered here at RIT.

With the new Computing Security curriculum, the addition of some minors may potentially add time to a student’s academic career or cause a student to potentially need to overload their schedule.  It is best to speak with their academic advisor about how the addition of a minor will affect their study plans. Students interested in taking a Liberal Arts minor are able to fit this into their program of study without additional time. With the use of the three required Immersion courses a student will only need to take two more courses to complete a Liberal Arts minor.  These courses can be used in either open Gen Eds or Free Elective requirements

For students interested in getting a technical minor in addition to their BS degree in Computing Security, students may want to consider a minor in Computer Science.  The CS minor is one of the few minors in Golisano that can be completed, if planned correctly, without adding additional time or an overload to one’s schedule. As part of the Computing Security program you are required to complete two of the courses for the minor.  This will leave you with three courses that can be completed as Free Elective courses.   Computer Science Minor (Semesters)