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Modular steps towards broadening expertise in Critical Infrastructure Protection

This multi-partner project aims to build knowledge and expertise in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) at the high school and undergraduate levels. Although CIP-related concepts and dissemination efforts have targeted graduate students, very little curricular material is available to the high school and undergraduate population in a suitable pedagogic modality. The modular approach has been proven to be effective in other disciplines. These reusable modules will increase students’ knowledge of CIP challenges and techniques. Incorporating these modules into existing courses for different types of student populations, in both computing and non-computing disciplines, will help in developing a holistic awareness of CIP. The project has four major goals. First, the project develops and embeds a set of flexible CIP course modules, such as labs or teaching components, in existing high school and courses without requiring major course or program modifications. Second, faculty expertise in CIP is developed through cross-disciplinary collaborations within and between the partnering institutions. Third, the developed curricular materials are disseminated through presentations, tutorials, panels and workshops. Finally, project effectiveness is comprehensively assessed using both external and internal evaluators.
Sponsor: NSF
PI:Dr. Sumita Mishra,  co-PIs:  Dr. Rajendra Raj, Dr. Carol Romanowski, Dr. Jen Schneider