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Student Government Clubs and Organizations exist to bring students of similar interest together and provide them with opportunities to become effective leaders. These groups enhance the quality of student life by fostering social interaction, leadership development, school spirit and an affinity to RIT. Clubs and Organizations promote activities, diversity, service and learning outside of the classroom.

Currently there are over 250 active clubs, 11 Major Student Organizations, and 30 Greek Organizations on campus. RIT welcomes and embraces all of its unique, student operated clubs and organizations. Many of our students have found an interested in these specific clubs.


Security Practices and Research Student Association (SPARSA)

Security Practices and Research Student Association (SPARSA) is a student-run organization that addresses security-related issues and how these issues affect multiple majors and disciplines. The ultimate goal of this organization is to provide students with experience in information security and job opportunities in information security (infosec) related fields. This includes aiding members in the search for both cooperative education (co-op) and full-time employment opportunities.

To meet this goal, SPARSA hosts and participates in research and development of security tools and policies. In addition, SPARSA provides consulting for organizations in need of improved security. SPARSA also seeks to build and maintain relationships with local and national security related organizations. This includes social networking with security professionals and hosting conferences, symposia, and other security-related events to spur growth in this area.

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Competitive Cybersecurity Club (RC3)

Competitive Cybersecurity Club (RC3) is a student-run organization dedicated to educating and preparing RIT students to compete in security-related competitions and to showcase RIT student talent in the world of security today. Whether you're new to competitive cybersecurity or a veteran, RC3 has a place for you. RC3 centers around live individual and team-based security exercises covering a wide variety of areas in computing and security, including network devices, operating systems, network services, policy, and more. Once per term, students can engage in a security challenge event to test their skills.

The general club email is, and you can view more information here.


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