Scholarly Work

Faculty members in the Computing Security department are actively engaged in research and scholarly outcomes in their fields of expertise. The diverse research interests of our faculty members help to enrich the classroom and laboratory experiences of our students. There are many opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to participate in these activities toward thesis, project, or independent study work. If you are interested in research you are encouraged to contact faculty members in areas that interest you.  Below is a list of some of the current research activities being pursued by our faculty. For more information visit our faculty’s web pages.  

  • Security Meshtree Protocol - Professor Bruce Hartpence, Professor Daryl Johnson, Professor Bill Stackpole, Professor Nirmala Shenoy
  • Covert Channels - Professor Daryl Johnson
  • Mobil Security (MOSECFO) - Professor Daryl Johnson, Professor Rick Mislan, Professor Bill Stackpole
  • Sensor Forensics – Professor Sumita Mishra
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection – Professor Sumita Mishra, Professor Rajendra Raj
  • Cloud Computing Security – Professor Daryl Johnson, Professor Bill Stackpole
  • Special Operations Mobile Security -  Professor Rick Mislan
  • Gamification of forensic course content to improve learning – Professor Yin Pan
  • Cloud Based Mobile Mitigation - Professor Bill Stackpole
  • The use of GENI to investigate network security issues – Professor Kaiqi Xiong
  • Smart Phone Security - Professor Kaiqi Xiong
  • Connection Based Authentication – Professor Bo Yuan