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Dean's Lecture Series presents Jeremy Pickens

Dean's Lecture Series presents Jeremy Pickens

Friday, March 24, 2017 - 1:00pm

Challenges and Opportunities in eDiscovery and Information Governance: Not Everything is Big Data

Information Retrieval and Machine Learning have found wide applicability in today's large scale consumer driven web and commercial spaces.  The collection of massive amounts of objective and subjective (e.g. behavioral) data has been a boon to these areas. However, there are a number of problem domains which, just as desperately, require proper solutions, but for which such volumes of data are not, nor will ever be, available.  Two such domains include eDiscovery and Information Governance.  In this talk, I will describe these domains, discuss some of their problem and challenges, and outline steps that have been taken toward solutions.

Jeremy Pickens is a leading information retrieval research scientist and a pioneer in the field of collaborative exploratory search, a form of information seeking in which a group of people who share a common information need explicitly collaborate to achieve it. Dr. Pickens has seven patents and patents pending in the field of search and information retrieval. As Chief Scientist at Catalyst Repository Systems, Dr. Pickens has spearheaded the development of Insight Predict. His ongoing research and development focuses on methods for continuous learning, and the variety of real world technology assisted review workflows that are only possible with this approach. Dr. Pickens earned his doctoral degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval. He conducted his post-doctoral work at King’s College, London. Before joining Catalyst, he spent five years as a research scientist at FX Palo Alto Lab, Inc. In addition to his Catalyst responsibilities, he continues to organize research workshops and speak at scientific conferences around the world.