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AI @ GCCIS: Golisano College Research & Innovation Showcase

AI @ GCCIS: Golisano College Research & Innovation Showcase

Friday, October 19, 2018 - 1:30pm

AI @ GCCIS: Golisano College Research & Innovation Showcase

Friday, October 19th


Golisano Atrium and Auditorium (GOL-1400)

Artificial Intelligence has become the hottest phrase from research labs to Silicon Valley, from Main Street to Wall Street. After more than 60 years of ups and downs (the so-called AI Winters) as an academic discipline in computing, AI is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Over the last decade, AI has been experiencing a tremendous resurgence both in advancing fundamental methodologies such as reasoning, representation, learning and perception, and in applying these techniques to solving real-world problems in data analytics, medicine, social networks, self-driving cars, etc.  

Faculty and students at the Golisano College have been active participants at the cutting edge of AI research and innovations, and have made significant contributions to both theoretical methods and impactful applications. Based on the publications at the top AI conferences over the past five years, we are now ranked in the same group as traditional AI powerhouses Yale and Caltech ( In addition, we are currently carrying out many funded research projects from NSF, NIH, DOD, NSA, private foundations and industry where AI strategies are fundamental to solving problems in computational biology, computing security, handwriting recognition, information retrieval, medical imaging, social interaction, and urban analytics.

The Showcase will demonstrate the expertise, activities, and achievements of GCCIS-led AI research and innovation initiatives to the greater RIT and Rochester communities. It will feature posters and demos by faculty and students, followed by a Dean’s Lecture Series presentation on technology challenges and opportunities in healthcare. It aims to foster both internal and external collaborative opportunities among faculty, student researchers, and other individuals or institutions. The Showcase welcomes proposals focusing on any AI-related research/innovation topics, from fundamental methodologies to broad applications to other domains.

Please note: a reception including refreshments will be held at the same time as the Posters and Demos session.

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