The Fighting Game Community in Rochester

Passion is a trait that many IGM and RIT students share, whether it is for their extracurricular activities, art, athletics, or perhaps gaming, or their own major and personal projects. I’m not different when it comes to this passion. Most people who know me will tell you that I play fighting games a lot, which is true. However, it goes further than that. I’m a fighting game player who competes in tournaments under a sponsorship from a business here in Rochester. This year so far, I have traveled to Tennessee, Georgia, Buffalo, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to compete in these tournaments. In order to practice, improve, and play to the best of my abilities, I use the resources not only at EGS (Electronic Gaming Society), but also in the greater Rochester area. The business I am sponsored by, A Gamer’s Nostalgia, would have weekly meetups for the sanctioned practice sessions for the Rochester community. Each month there was usually monthly tournament, with the prize usually being $50 to $100. Overall, I have won over $150 from these tournaments. However, things don’t just stop at tournaments and practices. There is also a very heated regional rivalry between Buffalo and Rochester. Buffalo players have the same amount of passion about the game as we do here, so the matches and aftermath of who wins these matches can be very exciting. At times, the whole building would stop and watch the finals of a game if there was a Buffalo and Rochester player playing against each other.

Through the Rochester fighting game community, I have met good people who I most likely would not have had the chance to meet otherwise. Quite a few of these people also happen to be RIT alumni! They helped me transition into Rochester and made me feel that I was a part of something while also keeping my competitive drive intact and offering a stress reliever in terms of competition. Everyone needs an outlet and a hobby where you can just forget about the outside world for a bit and be a part of something exciting and different. The fighting game culture and community is so passionate, so full of energy, and can be some of the friendliest environments, especially in Rochester. This city always has something new to show, and its people are incredibly passionate about many different things. It is not surprising that those who play fighting games here are just as passionate.