IGM Insights 2/9/17

IGM Academic Advising…..


Mandatory First Year Advising Meetings for spring semester:

  • All first year students who entered into RIT this year are required to attend a group meeting with their academic advisor during spring semester. (This meeting does not apply to transfer students.)
  • In the group meeting the IGM Academic Advisors will discuss future course enrollment and other IGM resources.
  • First year students are only required to attend one required group meeting.
  • We anticipate that these meetings will occur on different days and times in March to accommodate student schedules. NMID students and GDD students will meet separately. More details will be forthcoming.
  • There will be NO required individual meetings with an advisor in spring semester.
  • It is imperative that you attend as there is a hold on your account that will prevent for you from enrolling. This hold can only be removed by attending a group meeting with your academic advisor.
  • Please e-mail your advisor if you have any questions.


Check out your Academic Advising Report (AAR)!

The Academic Advising Report (AAR) is a tool to help you track your progress towards graduation. It is available for students who entered RIT in 2013 and beyond. The IGM Advisors have created some training materials to help students access and utilize the AAR. You can find these materials here: https://www.rit.edu/gccis/igm/academic-resources. If you find errors or issues with your AAR, please contact your advisor as soon as possible.


GCCIS Academic Success Workshops

Looking to improve yourself academically in spring semester? Attend the GCCIS Academic Success Workshop Series! These workshops are sponsored by the Academic Support Center (ASC) and the RIT Wellness Program. All sessions are held from 12pm – 12:50pm in the Golisano Auditorium (GOL 1400).

  • Wednesday, February 15: ASC presentation
  • Wednesday, February 22: ASC presentation
  • Wednesday, March 29: Wellness and Stress Management/Overall Wellness with Donna Rubin

If you’d like to attend a session, please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/OqaM4QTSiPPXt1r93


Walk in Advising Hours for Spring Semester

Mondays: 1pm – 3pm

Tuesdays: 2pm – 4pm

Wednesdays: 1pm – 3pm

Thursdays: 2pm – 4pm

Fridays: 10am – 12pm


Process for Scheduling Appointments with your Advisor

All students can now schedule appointments with their advisor using Starfish Connect. To access Starfish Connect, log in to SIS or MyCourses and click the symbol: cid:image001.png@01D1D826.5F3571F0
Then, click “My Success Network”, then “Schedule Appointment” link under your advisor’s name. You can sign up for an available time that works for you!

*Keep in mind that you can only schedule an appointment with your specific advisor.


Game Design & Development and New Media Interactive Development :

Last names A-K: Amanda Thau (absrla@rit.edu)

Last names L-Z: Kathleen Schreier Rudgers (kmsrla@rit.edu)




Upcoming Events:


IGM GSRPG: Dissension


On February 18, we'll be running our next Grand Strategy Role-Playing Game (also known as a "megagame"), called Dissension. You may have seen flyers around, and your friends might already be talking about our last GSRPG, The Realm of Pyre. If you have any interest in role-playing or game design (or Game of Thrones, which was a major inspiration for Dissension), Come join us! And of course if you have any questions about it, you can email Sean Boyle at sean.boyle@rit.edu.


The king is dead! With the kingdom in turmoil, it's time for you and your house to carve yourselves a place in the new regime.


You will be playing as a member of one of the noble houses of the Kingdom. During the game, you will be working towards a personal objective that may or may not align with the goals of the other members of your house. You will control lands, gain titles, amass resources, lead armies, and engage in intrigue. Houses, titles, and goals will be distributed semi-randomly at the beginning of the game.


The game will run from 1PM until we're done (you should plan to be there into the night).


Note: When signing up, please make sure you will be able to stay for the whole event, to avoid disrupting the experience for others. If you sign up and end up not being able to make it, please contact us ASAP so we can open your slot for someone else.



Play test opportunity: Friday, February 17 4:00-6:00PM, MAGIC Center

This is your opportunity to play test Gibraltar: A lunch-time strategy game by Game Design and Development student, John Miller.
Gibraltar was a 2016 Imagine Cup National Finalist and John and his team spent most of the summer of 2016 participating in our summer Co-Up program. On March 2, John will rep the team from RIT as our entry in the 2017 Intel University Games Showcase at GDC.
In appreciation for your time and feedback, cookies and juice will be provided.




League of Legends Intramural E-sports for Spring is starting!

Sign up on the intramurals page by Feb 19th at https://www.imleagues.com/rit



ATTENTION Students in RIT College of Computing and Information Sciences

Resume Creation & Review


Do you need help creating your resume? Do you need help making it better?

RIT’s Office of Career Services & Cooperative Education has the following opportunities to get your resume career ready!


Learn from the experts! Join the companies below as they share tips and suggestions for creating a resume to attract employers’ attention and gain interviews.

Thursday, Feb 9 4-5pm Intuit GOL-1400

Tuesday, Feb 14 1-2pm Apple GOL-1400 *NOTE Must RSVP at https://surveys.apple.com/f/209309/1594/

Monday, Feb 27 6 -8pm Datto Gleason, Bldg 9, Xerox Auditorium



Get feedback on your resume, and be prepared for the Career Fair.

Office of Career Services & Cooperative Education (Bausch & Lomb Building) Daily Walk-ins Available:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-11:30 am & 1:30-3:30pm
Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30-11:30am




Requesting Interpreting Services: It is your responsibility to request interpreting services at https://myaccess.rit.edu


Logitech Summer Internship Opportunities:

Logitech interns are core to our talent strategy as a design company that revels in diverse perspectives and innovation. We offer unique internship projects and intern activities where you really can both learn and make a difference! This summer, Logitech has over 30 exciting internship opportunities available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Interested in making an impact? Browse our current intern openings by clicking here





Room Reservations

All IGM students or student groups/clubs must go through Jill Bray to make a room reservation. In GCCIS, please do not go through the Dean’s Office. Jill can be reached at jcbics@rit.edu or Room 2161.


Social Media

Please remember to stay in touch with the latest and greatest School news

· Facebook: School of Interactive Games and Media

· Twitter: @IGMRIT

· Foursquare: School of Interactive Games and Media

· There are also 2 student created and moderated discussion groups: Game Design and Development and New Media Interactive Development on Facebook

· IGM Student Wiki: https://wiki.rit.edu/display/IGMguide/Home


Key Players in IGM

Jessica Bayliss – Associate Director

Jill Bray – Administrative Assistant to the Director

Ed Huyer – Lab Manager

Tony Jefferson – Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Beth Livecchi – Operations Manager

Kathleen Schreier Rudgers – Sr. Academic Advisor

David Schwartz – Director

Amanda Thau– Sr. Academic Advisor

Shameelah Thomas – Sr. Staff Assistant

Ann Warren – Lab Manager

Chad Weeden – Assistant Director


Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education Contacts


Annette Stewart, aksoce@rit.edu, 585-475-5466

Lisa Monette, lamoce@rit.edu, 585-475-7413


Feedback Welcomed

Your constructive feedback is always welcomed! Please feel free to respond to this email with any questions or concerns.