Prof Gottlieb National Endowment for Humanities Grant

Professor Owen Gottlieb (PI), Professor Ian Schreiber (Co-PI, IGM), Professor Jessica Bayliss (Co-PI, IGM), Professor David Simkins (Co-PI, IGM) and Professor Kelly Murdoch-Kitt (Co-PI, CIAS) and the team at RCP@MAGIC ( have received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for "protoyping the mobile version of the strategy card game that explores the history of medieval legal codes with an initial focus on the Mishneh Torah written by Maimonides."


The MAGIC Center Initiative in Religion, Culture, and Policy, cultivates new research, focused on games, religious literacy, the acquisition of cultural practices, and the implications on policy and politics.  Scholars, researchers, and designers collaborate across universities and institutions.


Students at RCP@MAGIC include:


IGM: Graduate Students:

Lakshminarayanan Vijayaraghavan

Alex Lobl,

Mrinal Jain,

Bruno Rocha,

Zachary Whitman,

Lucas Vasconcelos;

Karan Sahu


IGM: Undergraduate Students:

Dakota Herold

Edward Amidon

Amanda Ryll

Matthew Fasman


CIAS: Undergraduate Students

Mimi Ace

Tori Bonagura

Annie Wong

Eve Qiao


More news to come about this and other projects. For more about RCP@MAGIC, the Initiative in Religion, Culture, and Policy see: