Study Abroad

RIT’s Study Abroad programs and international campuses unlock a world of opportunity for our students.  RIT operates in five countries abroad and through our partnerships with other universities offers more than 250 programs in over 50 countries worldwide.  Our study abroad programs help our students gain valuable, unforgettable, cross-cultural experiences while further preparing them for success in an increasingly globalized economy. We encourage you to explore our vast offerings via the RIT Global website.

RIT Global has a study abroad guide for GCCIS students that highlights a variety of programs that could be a good fit for computing students. You can view it here: Study Abroad for GCCIS Students (PDF).  

Some study abroad opportunities that may be of particular interest to IGM students include:

Study Game Design in King's Landing! (Spring 2018): Advanced Game Design Electives focused on tourism offered at RIT Croatia by Professor Liz Lawley.

2018 Game Design in King's Landing Handout (PDF)

Croatia Cost Comparison (PDF)

Learn more here: 


Game Design & Development in Japan (Spring/Summer 2018): 3 credit course in spring with travel to Japan from May 15th - June 1st, 2018 (approximate dates)

Seminar in Japanese Game Industry Quick Facts Sheet 


Computing Study Abroad in Osnabruck, Germany:


RIT Kyoto Japanese Language & Culture Summer Study Abroad Program:


German Games Industry – IGM Undergraduate Seminar Course (previoulsy offered in June 2017 and June 2014): Students participate in a semester long course that concludes with a 2 week study abroad experience in Paderborn, Dusseldorf, and Berlin, Germany to examine the German Game Industry. Read the 2017 class blog: and the 2014 class blog here: