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The RIT Intersect
Beta version!  You will run into things that don't work yet- you've been warned!
The RIT Intersect

About The RIT Intersect

The RIT Intersect lets students browse, sort, filter and search courses so they can easily find what they're looking for. It combines course listings, section information, teacher reviews, open/closed courses, major, minor and concentration listings, and more. Students now only have to visit one place to find everything they need for registration.

On top of all that, the RIT Intersect has numerous ways for people to interact with the information. Users can save courses to lists, and generate possible schedules. They can also tag, write reviews, and share information about courses.

This project is a solution to two problems. The first is that registration is too hard- currently, students need to check a number of different databases. To find courses, they need to copy and paste course IDs across different systems in order to find out about the course, see if its open, check instructor ratings, and generate possible schedules. RIT Intersect streamlines this process.

Second is the issue of course discovery. There are a large number of interesting or fun courses out there that students have no way of finding out about. Students end up taking courses that don't interest them, because they can't find anything better. RIT Intersect will help users find courses they normally wouldn't take- and, in the process, will hopefully help to increase student retention.

RIT Intersect was created as a side project by Gregory Koberger. Feel free to visit his portfolio or get in contact.

Oh- and it's not pronounced "Rintersect."

RIT Intersect Acknowledgements

RIT Intersect won one of the Alumni Association Board of Directors Innovation & Creativity Prizes at the 2010 Imagine RIT.

From their website:

The RIT Alumni Association Board of Directors Innovation & Creativity Prize recognizes and rewards creativity and innovation fostered across the disciplines practiced in the colleges, centers, and institutes of the University and exhibited through demonstrations of research, scholarship or other creative work.

Thank Yous

John Resig John didn't have a direct impact on RIT Intersect, however he provided both the inspiration and the tools to make it happen. His timeless CSH Schedule Maker was the reason I started the project (and I borrowed from it copiously for my own schedule maker), and his invaluable jQuery powers much of the interaction on the site. I couldn't have done any of this without him.

Xanthe Matychak Without her early guidance and interest, I never would have made this happen. Thanks for keeping this on track!

How You Can Help

Currently, there are two things you can do to help RIT Intersect. Both can be done by hitting the feedback button on the left.

First, you can submit usability bugs. I know about most of the technical bugs (errors, etc), but I have no good way of knowing if things make sense. If something isn't intuitive, let me know.

Secondly, it would be really helpful if you could write "praise" for RIT Intersect. My goal is to talk to RIT about this, and it would really help if I had testimonials (or, more important, anti-testimonials of the current systems).

The Video

RIT Intersect Demo from Gregory Koberger on Vimeo.