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CIO article highlights growing demand for cybersecurity professionals

By Fran Broderick

In a recent Chief Information Officer magazine article, a number of cybersecurity professionals were surveyed, offering insight into the burgeoning field. Of note, cybersecurity professionals place a high premium on the integrity of their employers, with 44% citing “reputation for integrity; code of honor” as the most important attribute of an employer. Google appears to have the respect of many of those professionals as it came in at the top of the list of most desired companies to work for.

Average salaries for cybersecurity professionals are roughly $116,000 or 3x the national average, and while opportunities abound for talented cyber defense professionals, high job security, an attractive salary and benefits all came in behind “interesting and challenging work” as the criterion that attracted those surveyed to the field.

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An earlier CIO article explored the concerns of federal CIOs who anticipate a growing need for cybersecurity talent. In response to the demands of government and industry and the critical need for cybersecurity research, development, and training, Golisano College introduced a Department of Computing Security earlier this year. Graduates of the college's computing security program have proven to be some of the most highly-recruited students by government and the private sector. 

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