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CNNMoney 100 Best Jobs list features myriad Golisano College programs

CNNMoney and PayScale have released their annual list of the Best Jobs in America, highlighting, “careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work.” Once again, computing careers have emerged as some of the most popular, offering workers fulfilling challenges and attractive pay and benefits. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the highest-ranked computing jobs along with information and links to Golisano College programs that offer education in these fields.

Software Architect (#3) and Software Engineer (#7): The delineation between software architects and engineers is one of scope. Software architects take more of a “big-picture” view of their organization, considering how specific software will interact with other elements of the business. However, a software architect will first need to be a skilled software engineer and RIT’s SE programs give students the opportunity to learn from experts in the field while tackling real-world challenges with our industry partners. For more information on software engineering programs please visit:

Information Technology Manager (#8) and Database Administration (#14): In 1992, RIT became the first university to offer a dedicated IT program, and in the year’s since the rapid growth of the Information Age has made these data professionals all the more critical. As CNNMoney explains: “Companies maintain all kinds of databases -- for customer information, accounts payable, inventory systems, and so on. Database administrators build, manage and maintain them. Their work can range from configuring the database and backing it up, to designing the data model, to administering software such as Oracle or Sybase. And critically, when a database fails or crashes, it's the DBA's job to get it running again.” For more information on Golisano College’s programs in information sciences and technologies please visit:

User Interface Engineer (#12): if you’re reading this, chances are you're familiar with the work of a User Interface Engineer. UI Engineers take information about users’ experiences and use it to build and improve upon frameworks for applications and websites. UI Engineers are the architects that translate interface ideas and outlines into the programs you ultimately use, and Golisano College offers some of the best programs in the country for gaining UI experience. We’re proud to have some of the nation's leading researchers in human-computer interaction working at the college and we work with partners in industry to constantly move the user experience forward. For more information:

Video Game Designer (#15):  Video games are big business and the state of New York is taking notice. Earlier this semester, a State Senate committee held talks at RIT’s new MAGIC Center, discussing economic development opportunities provided by the gaming industry, and ways to keep talented developers and designers in the area. The School of Interactive Games & Media’s graduate and undergraduate video game design programs were each recently ranked #4 in the nation by the Princeton Review. Learn more at:

Info Assurance Analyst (#17): Our interactive games programs aren’t the only nationally recognized computing programs at Golisano College. Our graduate computer science program was recently ranked 17th in the country, and our new Computing Security Department has been recognized by the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security as a national leader in the education of computing security professionals. Golisano College is even home to a quarantined lab for the in-depth study of viruses, firewalls, and other computer vulnerabilities.  Oh and last year, we won the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition National Championship.  For more information visit: