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Golisano College announces new computing security minor

By Fran Broderick

Golisano College will now be offering a computing security minor for students, effective immediately. The college’s Computing Security (CSEC) department is one of the first dedicated cybersecurity departments in the nation and the college has been certified as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Education through the year 2021.

Department Chair and CSEC Minor Advisor Bo Yuan feels computing security will increasingly become part of other computing majors, as security concerns are present in many aspects of development and information technology. “This new minor provides students an opportunity to learn new knowledge in Computing Security that are complementary to their majors,” said Yuan. “The minor can be customized to focus on different specialty areas in Computing Security; and, the additional expertise and domain knowledge in Computing Security will broaden students career path greatly after they graduate.”

Students can begin enrolling in courses toward their CSEC minor immediately and are encouraged to contact the department for more information. The minor requires two courses and three electives. A list of applicable courses along with additional information is now available at: