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RIT alum and Xbox Kinect inventor Alex Kipman ‘01 unveils “game-changing” HoloLens

By Fran Broderick

At last week’s Windows 10 event in Redmond, Washington the tech media was abuzz with talk of Microsoft’s futuristic new hologram technology, HoloLens. The sleek new headset displays three-dimensional holograms over a user’s real-world environment and has unlocked countless potential opportunities for developers. RIT software engineering alum and 2013 Commencement speaker Alex Kipman ‘01 spearheaded the technology behind HoloLens. Kipman, credited with inventing the Xbox Kinect for Microsoft, explained that HoloLens had been a goal of his for more than five years, and that the Kinect emerged from research initially performed as part of the HoloLens’s development.

Tech and traditional media have been excitedly reviewing HoloLens – and drumming up ideas for future ways to use the product. Above, a Microsoft press photo shows a user experiencing HoloLens. Below, some highlights from the past week’s press blitz…

From Microsoft exec Terry Myerson’s Windows 10 blog post/press release:

Microsoft HoloLens goes beyond augmented reality and virtual reality by enabling you to interact with three-dimensional holograms blended with your real world. Microsoft HoloLens is more than a simple heads-up display, and its transparency means you never lose sight of the world around you. High-definition holograms integrated with your real world will unlock all-new ways to create, communicate, work, and play.

From CNET – ‘Microsoft’s HoloLens explained: How it works and why it’s different’:

“The company is not trying to transport you to a different world, but rather bring the wonders of a computer directly to the one you're living in. Microsoft is overlaying images and objects onto our living rooms. As a HoloLens wearer, you'll still see the real world in front of you. You can walk around and talk to others without worrying about bumping into walls.”

From Venture Beat -  ‘Microsoft’s HoloLens broke my brain’:

The vision shown by HoloLens from Microsoft is a game changer…The reason that it is so important is because it shows an amazing and achievable new paradigm for the future. It presents a vision; with a video of just a few use cases and two minutes of my life, it changed how I see our world.”

From The Guardian – “Microsoft's HoloLens – what do virtual reality developers think?”:

Nick Pittom, VR developer, FirePanda

“It seems like a natural extension of Microsoft’s Kinect research in many ways: sort of like sticking a Kinect on your head – but you are not tracked, your room is. If they can also solve the “transparency” issue (images appearing ghostly rather than solid) and get a bigger field of view then it could really be quite special. By all accounts the tracking is excellent.

Finally, again from Microsoft:

We are already working with creators and developers all over the world on exciting new holographic experiences. But we have just scratched the surface of what is possible. We invite you to join us on this journey. We have built the platform, but it is you who will bring it to life. We can’t wait to see what you will do.