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Golisano College Students Learn Objective-C While Competing in Week-Long iOS Challenge

By Fran Broderick

The Society of Software Engineers (SSE) at the Golisano College recently hosted a week-long iOS App Challenge to teach students the programming language Objective-C via a lively competition. The contest challenged students to conceive of and develop an iOS application in a week’s time. Each app was required to utilize Apple’s Core Motion Framework, an element in their API that enables programmers to draw motion data from mobile devices. The talented students participating managed to produce a litany of creative apps within the tight deadline, all while managing their already heavy course loads.

Approximately 70 students registered for the competition via Hacker League, forming teams of up to three persons. 

SSE representative Kocsen Chung Delgado ’16 says, “the event was a big success and we’re already making plans to make it an annual competition.” The closing ceremony, which was held in Gosnell 1250, attracted a standing room only crowd of more than 300 people, who came to see the apps developed by the 18 teams left standing. During the ceremony, each team was given three minutes to present their app to the audience, who were in turn given a number to text their vote. Each of the top three teams received prizes for their performance with each member of the winning team receiving a Macbook Air and iPad mini. Full list of winners below…

1st place: Whack-a-Face – similar to the popular carnival game Whack-a-Mole, users swing their mobile devices to “whack” moles that feature the likenesses of their friends.

Team members: Josh Lieberman, Alejandro Fragoso, Tahsin Shamsul.

2nd place: Motion Arcade– three devices are used, with one serving as the monitor on which the game is played. The other two devices are used as sticks by the respective competitors to play air hockey.

Team members: Rob Kurst, Ryan Murphy, Matt Newton.

3rd place: Lots – users can find open parking spots on the RIT campus using information compiled by the “Lots” parking app.

Team members: Thomas DeMeo, Dan Fenton, Kelly Hurley.

Promotional support for the competition was provided by Hacker League and Sticker Mule.