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Golisano College students participate in Random Hacks of Kindess global "hackathon"

Over the weekend teams of students and faculty from the Golisano College took part in the event Random Hacks of Kindness at the Student Innovation Hall. During the event, programmers from across the globe tackle problems for non-profits and other charitable organizations in an effort to apply their skills toward social good. This was the first Rochester offshoot of the worldwide event and the RIT teams focused their efforts on projects for the Peace Corps, disaster response teams, and local government. Remy DeCausemaker, one of the event's organizers and a research associate at RIT's Lab for Technological Literacy told the Democrat & Chronicle, "the term 'hacker' has sort of a negative connotation these days. We're trying to reclaim the title. 'Hacker' just means creator, or problem solver, as far as we're concerned."

To read more about the event check out the Democrat & Chronicle's coverage here, and watch the video from WHAM13 below.