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IST and Liberal Arts professors bring together esteemed panel to discuss future of journalism

The Future of Journalism Symposium, held all-day yesterday at the Student Alumni Union, brought together some of the field's leading minds to discuss a wide range of industry issues, including ethics in the digital realm, the rise of citizen reporters, and where opportunities lie for RIT students desirous of a future career in journalism.

Among the esteemed speakers were Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist David Cay Johnston, author of Free Lunch, and David Hunke, former publisher of USA Today and current Chief Strategy Officer at Digerati. Johnston explained to students that opportunities would abound for those that "tell people important things they wouldn't know but for you," yet the economics of the industry had changed such that a career in journalism is unlikely to be a lucrative path.

The conference was organized by IST professor Jeff Sonstein and Liberal Arts professor Andrea Hickerson.

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