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IT student studying at ACMT campus in Zagreb, Croatia lauded for finding security vulnerabilities in the code of Google, Facebook

By Fran Broderick

Josip Franjkovic, a first-year student studying information technology at RIT's American College of Management and Technology in Zagreb, Croatia has been awarded monies and recognition from Google and Facebook for his eagle-eyed finding of errors in each tech giant’s security code.

Franjkovic found errors in the cross-site scripting (XSS) security systems of and As part of Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program, launched in 2010, the company recognizes users that spot vulnerabilities threatening user data on their sites. Franjkovic was awarded money and multiple entries in the Vulnerability Reward Program’s Hall of Fame, viewable here

In 2010, Facebook launched a similar program, titled White Hat. While reviewing the site,, Franjkovic spotted errors in the site’s caching system, earning himself a spot on the White Hat list as well. In total, Franjkovic has earned $4274.00 for his efforts as well as the attention that comes with spotting areas for improvement in the work of some of the world’s top programming minds. Franjkovic’s work was highlighted by approximately 60 news outlets in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina, including on Croatia’s most popular evening news program.

Franjkovic has told reporters that one of his hobbies is “the security of web applications”, and that he “hopes to work in the security sector in the future.”

ACMT President and Dean Don Hudspeth remarked, "We are delighted to have Josip as a student in our information technology degree program, and we all feel proud of his accomplishments. He is a very talented individual and RIT's degree program is helping him to broaden and further develop his IT skills."