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Jen Lamere '18 bests field in hack competition with creative app

When freshman software engineering major Jen Lamere entered the TVnext Hack event in Boston this past April, she was the only female coder in the competition. Hours later, Lamere had taken the competiton's top prize with her app Twivo, besting more than 80 competitors, and setting the internet ablaze after a Mother Jones story about the event got picked up by outlets such as the LA Times and TechCrunch. Twivo allows Twitter users to block television spoilers from their Twitter feed and if the uproar (SPOILER ALERT!) surrounding the ninth episode of HBO's most recent season of Game of Thrones is any indication, it's an app that may be of growing interest to the internet community.

This week, Lamere settled in to her dorm at RIT and spoke with local ABC affiliate 13 WHAM. The video is below. To download Twivo head over to the Chrome Web Store.