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News 10 NBC highlights potential of 'Campus Safe'

By Fran Broderick

Golisano College graduate and current Saunders College of Business student Eric Irish '12 (information technology) has created an app, Campus Safe, that he hopes will enhance safety on college campuses. 

The app is inspired by the blue light security phones that are omniprescent on college campuses throughout the country. Irish's app enables user to place emergency calls to campus safety officers, providing their location information in the process, as well as any pertinent health information for first responders, such as whether the student is a diabetic. 

Irish recently spoke with Rochester's News 10 NBC about the app. Reporter Joangel Concepcion explains that the app, if implemented, is "expected to change college security across the nation."

For the full story and video head over to News 10 NBC' site