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gaming study abroad germany

July 5, 2017 
by Scott Bureau

Ten Rochester Institute of Technology students kicked off their summer break in Germany, learning about and...

July 07, 2017
RIT online

June 15, 2017 
by Luke Auburn

Rochester Institute of Technology is one of the best schools in the nation for students pursuing an online...

July 06, 2017
azure award

June 19, 2017

by Fran Broderick

Software development involves collaboration between a variety of stakeholders, and as remote collaboration...

June 19, 2017
RIT MIT hack

June 7, 2017 
by Scott Bureau

Two Rochester Institute of Technology students took home top prizes in a hackathon where computing skills can...

June 08, 2017
Women in Computing RIT Girl Scouts

May 22, 2017 
by Scott Bureau

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Women in Computing and Women in Engineering programs were honored with the...

May 26, 2017