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The career-focused curriculum at the Golisano College has helped Chris Cowdery-Corvan make an immediate impact at one of the most respected tech giants in the world. "The project-focused approach to education is what helped me to hit the ground running at Apple,” says Cowdery-Corvan. “Teamwork and collaboration; and working with design and architecture were things I was ready for." He continues: "RITs connection with industry is huge; I got my job through that means. They bring a lot of great talks and recruiters. Professors also ask students what they want to know helping you feel more engaged." Like many other students, Cowdery-Corvan opened the door to his future via his co-op at Apple.

During his co-op he even had an idea approved by the legendary Steve Jobs: "The Cupertino Co-Op [with Apple] was awesome! I worked on the Messages and iMessages team. What's cool about that co-op is your manager asks you "what do you want to do?" So my first project was the photo booth for IPad. I had suggested the app for IPad and the suggestion was actually forwarded all the way to S.J. (Steve Jobs) who said "go ahead.""