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Dorrene Brown: Play Video  

Dorrene Brown fixed bugs in satellite systems for Goodrich ISR Systems in Boston and in financial software for Intuit in Mountain View, California. She even worked at Microsoft, developing her own application for their Office suite. And she did it all before graduating. Through RIT’s co-op programs, Brown, who was also the President of the college’s Society of Software Engineers, is ready to hit the ground running, saying “With all the real-world experience I obtained through co-op, I know I’m ready to jump right in and succeed at my new job at Microsoft.”

Did we mention she has already been offered a full-time position at Microsoft? Brown is an incredible example of how Golisano College prepares students to make an impact in promising careers. She took full advantage of RIT’s extensive co-op opportunities which helps give students the best possible preparation for transitioning into their professional lives. Moreover, she gained experience with industry leaders, getting to experience life in Silicon Valley and other tech hubs ensuring she could make an informed decision about where to dedicate her considerable talents.