Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend?

    Brick City Homecoming is RIT's annual tradition to celebrate alumni, students, parents & families, faculty, staff and friends of the University.

  2. Is Brick City Homecoming just for alumni?

    No. RIT combines parent weekend and alumni reunions into one big event. All are welcome!

  3. Do I need to pre-register / sign-up for events?

    Yes! Most events have a limited capacity and fill up or sell out quickly. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

  4. If I did not pre-register / sign-up for events, can I still attend Homecoming?

    Of course! But please be aware if you are interested in a specific program or event, it may be sold out or at capacity.

  5. How do I register?

    Online: This is the most efficient and fastest way to guarantee your tickets and attendance at various events.

    Mail-in: A printable form is available on the website. Mail- in forms will be processed on a first come - first serve basis.

  6. I registered and bought tickets on-line. How do I get them?

    You will need to pick up your tickets at the Welcome Center during the scheduled Check in times. The Welcome Center hours are available under the Check in Info tab on the website.

  7. Can I send my student to pick-up my packet?

    Yes. They will need to show their ID.

  8. I registered for events but need to make a few changes. How do I do that?

    Once you have created an account and registered for events, you will be able to log-in to the website with your email address and password to make the allowable changes.

    NOTE: Changes/refunds are not available for the Horton Speaker or the Men's Hockey game.

  9. How do I cancel my registration if I can no longer attend?

    You can cancel your registration online. However, refunds will not be given for the Horton Speaker, or Men's Hockey game. All other refunds will be honored.

  10. Can I park on campus?

    Parking is open to all attendees for Homecoming. Ticketing will be suspended during the weekend in reserved parking spaces. You must display your Handicapped parking tag/sticker in order to park in these spaces.

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