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Neighborhood Relations

The RIT Off Campus Initiatives Taskforce

The RIT Off Campus Initiatives Taskforce is a collation of representatives from Monroe County, The Town of Henrietta, neighborhood associations, and RIT students and staff who meet to proactively identify and manage issues that may arise between students and neighbors. Periodic outreach sessions are conducted to provide residents with an opportunity to meet with these representatives to ask questions or express opinions and concerns regarding neighborhood-campus issues. Please contact to obtain information on future sessions or to express a concern or viewpoint.


RIT Public Safety

RIT Public Safety ensures the safety and security of the RIT campus community by providing a wide variety of security services and prevention programs. Interactions with students, faculty, staff and visitors encompass a comprehensive collaboration of partnerships to ensure safety on campus.

RIT Student Conduct

When students are accused of non-academic misconduct at RIT, they are processed through the RIT Student Conduct System. Students off campus behavior, to the extent that it is in violation of RIT Student Code of Conduct, shall be subject to on campus disciplinary action. Any off-campus conduct which RIT deems, in its sole discretion, to demonstrate disregard for the rights and/or property of others may be subject to the student conduct process, which holds them accountable for their behavior, and looks for alternative ways to educate students about community expectations.

RIT Center for Campus Life

The RIT Center for Campus Life connects students with activities and events beyond the classroom to support and enhance their student experience. Programs and support aim to provide opportunities for students to connect with other students, faculty and staff, and meet a variety of broad and diverse needs.

RIT Good Neighbor Guide

Living away from home can be a new and exciting experience for students. The RIT Good Neighbor Guide has been developed to provide students living off campus with an understanding of the rules and standards for living in a residential community and the Town of Henrietta. A copy of this guide may be downloaded in a PDF format below.

PDF icon rit_good_neighbor_guide.pdf1.62 MB