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On February 16th, President Destler made his quarterly appearance on WITR’s Bill Destler Show and one of the student hosts, Arun Blatchley, asked him about the GeneSIS project. President Destler briefly discussed the status of the project, the importance of implementing a new student information system, and the people dedicated to building the new SIS. WITR kindly provided us with a recording of the segment for you to enjoy here.


Below is a transcript of the segment:

Arun Blatchley: Alright so then next thing I wanted to talk about is that I heard that the GeneSIS project recently gave a presentation to Student Government. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about what the current state of the GeneSIS project is.

President Destler: Well the GeneSIS project, for those of you listeners who don’t know, is a major undertaking—that we’re undertaking at the same time we’re making this semester conversion—to install a new student information system here. A student information system is an all encompassing computer-based system that allows students to register for classes, it allows us to manage enrollment, it keeps track of students’ progress to degrees. It’s a very, very important thing and maybe the most important information technology asset you have on a campus. The one we have currently is what we call a legacy system—that means that it’s old software running on old machines. For those of you who try to register our students have been able to ping that system so often as to practically shut it down, so we are badly in need of a more robust system that can handle more student input at one time, especially at registration time. So we have a large number of people working on this—something like 60 people in administration are dedicated to trying to implement this new system. We’re going with a PeopleSoft implementation—that’s basically an Oracle system and we already use Oracle as our main database anyways. So that’s been going smoothly so far. We are hoping to have it fully up and running before the semester conversion in 2013.

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