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  • GeneSIS project management staff visited the Student Government Senate meeting on February 11th to provide a project update. Student Government was actively engaged in the discussions and the project management team was able to field over 30 questions and suggestions for improvements to the new system. In the spring the GeneSIS project team will work with the Student Government Technology Committee to involve students in the project in such areas as portal design, prototyping, training, and more. The Technology Committee is beginning to plan a GeneSIS project spring open forum. Look for more information about the open forums in next month’s update.
  • On April 14th the project management staff will visit the Academic Senate and Staff Council meetings to discuss the project, answer questions, and take suggestions about the new SIS.
  • On February 16th, President Destler made his quarterly appearance on WITR’s Bill Destler Show and one of the student hosts, Arun Blatchley, asked him about the GeneSIS project. President Destler briefly discussed the status of the project, the importance of a new student information system, and the administrators dedicated to building the new SIS. Click here to listen to the 2 minute segment or read the transcript.
  • The GeneSIS project team has established a change agent network of approximately 50 students, faculty, staff, and administrators from across the campus to assist in communications and change management. This change agent network will be able to serve as a liaison between the GeneSIS project team and the greater RIT community to ensure that the campus is kept up to date with the project’s progress and understands how the new system will impact members of the RIT community directly. Additionally, this network and our GeneSIS change management team will work closely with the In-College Project Communication Teams to facilitate improved information flow within the colleges.  The GeneSIS change agents attended change management training facilitated by our partners at Oracle Consulting Services on February 3rd. The first monthly Change Agent Network meeting is scheduled for March 11 from 10:30-11:30 in the Campus Center.
  • The GeneSIS project team is currently working with our implementation partners from Oracle Consulting Services in our team base in Grace Watson Hall, continuing to develop prototypes and configure the system’s first modules. Our next milestone is to approve the Academic Structure configuration, which serves as the foundation for the whole system. The first portion of the new SIS to go live will be the recruiting and admissions components. Those elements of the new SIS are scheduled to go live this summer.
  • At the beginning of February the project team conducted several sessions to further analyze how NTID’s systems will be integrated with the new SIS. NTID staff provided systems demos, shared their current business processes, and provided requirements to enable the GeneSIS team to assess the scope of work required and the associated timeline needed. The project team is now in the process of identifying which NTID systems can be replaced by the new system.

Questions from the Ask GeneSIS Mailbag

Each month we’ll answer a few questions about the GeneSIS project asked by RIT students, faculty, and staff. This month we’ll address some questions that were raised at the Student Government Senate meeting. If you have a question about the GeneSIS project, please visit the Ask GeneSIS page.

  • Q: Right now students can’t access the system after midnight or before 6am; will that continue with the new system?
    • A: The new system will allow 24/7 access.
  • Q: Will there be more hardware for students to access the system and meet growing demands?
    • A: We’re actually outsourcing that part and using Oracle On-Demand services, which will be able to handle the load much more capably than our current mainframe systems. That problem will be solved by the new SIS.
  • Q: Will there be waiting lists for students who can’t get into classes? Could the system send students a message when the class opens up that says they have x amount of time to get into the class before it moves to the next person?
    • A: Yes, waitlisting will be one of the great new benefits of the new SIS. The system has the ability to create wait lists for classes at capacity so that the enrollment process can fill the next available open seat in a class with a student on the list.
  • Q: Will it be possible to browse courses by timeslot and day in the new system? What about by professor?
    • A: Yes, the course search functionality is gives students the ability to search a variety of criteria, including by date and time, professor name, location, number of credits, and more.

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