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  • Work has begun on an enterprise student portal that will serve as a gateway to the new student information system and other integrated systems such as those for dining and housing. The portal team is focused on improving the RIT student experience and eliminating the need to log in multiple times when moving between systems. Rather than pointing students to multiple portals—such as, the Information Access Center, eServices, and more—the GeneSIS project will consolidate their functions into a single location for easy access. Students will also be able to select what data they would like 3rd parties such as parents to have access to. Portal functionality will be released in phases and the first release of the Portal is scheduled for the project’s second Go-Live in December 2011. Click here for a complete timeline of go-live dates.
  • At the end of May the GeneSIS project team reached another milestone by completing the initial configuration of the Financial Aid portions of the new SIS. The next step is to extensively test the Financial Aid portions of the new SIS to ensure that they work properly as they were designed. The Financial Aid components of the new SIS are scheduled to be available to the RIT community during the second Go-Live in December 2011.
  • The Change Agent Network has summer meetings scheduled on July 15th and August 1st. In the June 3rd meeting the Change Agent Network listened to presentations about the enterprise portal, Student Financial Services go-live timeline, and class scheduling in semesters. Later this summer the group of over 50 Change Agent representatives from across RIT will help pilot training sessions, preview more system features, and continue to relay important information to their constituents. The Change Agent Network serves as a liaison between the GeneSIS project team and the greater RIT community to ensure that their peers are kept up to date with the project’s progress and understand how the new system will impact members of the RIT community directly. Check our online list of over 50 Change Agents to find out who represents your area.

Questions from the Ask GeneSIS Mailbox

Each month we’ll answer a few questions about the GeneSIS project asked by RIT students, faculty, and staff. If you have a question about the GeneSIS project, please visit the Ask GeneSIS page.

  • Q: How will training on the new SIS be handled for users around campus who aren’t part of one of the main functional areas of the SIS (Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Records, etc.)?
    • A: Efforts are currently underway to identify all SIS users and stakeholders that will need training. Training will be delivered in a just-in-time approach to maximize learning retention and will be offered in a variety of formats that include online tutorials and face-to-face training sessions. There will be general Introduction to PeopleSoft training sessions as well as customized sessions for specific user groups based on their business functions. In July the training team will begin to work with subject matter experts and the GeneSIS project members to develop training materials. In August the training team will pilot the Introduction to PeopleSoft course with the Change Agent Network.
  • Q: Does the new system provide support for users to manage databases of sponsors/partners/those who are donating money to RIT?
    • A: According to Patrick Saeva, GeneSIS project member and Director of Technical Strategies, Office of Development: "The new system will not give us the functionality to track donations and sponsorships as this functionality is already provided by the Advance system that is managed by Development and Alumni Relations.  However, the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) component of PeopleSoft will be used in the future to help manage outreach to certain populations which may include individual donors, corporations and foundations."

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