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  • Student Government hosted an open forum for students to learn and ask questions about the GeneSIS project on April 18th. Several project members working on student records and advising portions of the SIS were present to field questions and receive input. The project team also collected feedback from hundreds of students through a survey about the GeneSIS project that Student Government sent to the student body. The project team will continue to collaborate with Student Government to engage students in the process and we we look forward to the possibility of hosting more events beginning in the fall.
  • On April 14th team members from the GeneSIS project presented to Academic Senate and Staff Council meetings and discussed the project, answered questions, and gathered feedback about plans for the new SIS.
  • The Change Agent Network conducted its second official meeting on April 15th. The team received an overview of the Campus Solutions product, an explanation of the system’s approved academic structure, and an update on the development of the training strategy. Change Agents will be relaying this information to their constituents over the next months. To see who the change agent is that represents your area, check our online list of over 50 change agents from across the campus. If you feel that you are a key user of the current SIS but your area is not represented in the Change Agent Network, please contact Chandra McKenzie, the Change Agent Network lead.
  • Our project team will host an exhibit at the Imagine RIT: Innovation & Creativity Festival on Saturday, May 7th. The exhibit is titled “The GeneSIS Project: The Future is Ours to Build” and will be located in the Information Station (Wallace Library). Add us to your itinerary and stop by on the day of the festival to learn more about the project, meet project members, and see some screen shots of the new system.

Questions from the Ask GeneSIS Mailbag

Each month we’ll answer a few questions about the GeneSIS project asked by RIT students, faculty, and staff. This month we’ll address some questions that were raised at the Student Government Senate meeting. If you have a question about the GeneSIS project, please visit the Ask GeneSIS page.

  • Q: Could students receive updated reports at throughout each quarter that consisted of how many credits they have earned, how many courses they are currently enrolled in, and how many they need to earn in order to graduate? The report would tell them the courses they are missing. I know all the information is in a database, it’s just a matter of getting it into a format that the student can efficiently comprehend.
    • A: The new SIS will have an integrated degree audit tool that students can use on demand to see their progress towards their degree. It will tell them what requirements they have fulfilled and what courses they still need to take in order to graduate. Students will then be able to use their academic planner to create out a roadmap of courses to take in future quarters.
  • Q: Will the new SIS be able to show me when a class is typically offered? It would have been beneficial for me to show when a course is offered over a series of academic terms in one location.
    • A: When students browse the course catalog in the new SIS, there is an ability to view the academic term a course is typically offered. The academic colleges and the Registrar's Office are still evaluating the use of this functionality. It is likely that this functionality will not be used until Fall 2013, once RIT has moved to the semester calendar. We’ve provided a sample screen shot here to show you what this will look like. Please note that this was not taken from the actual system RIT is building, but from an Oracle demo system. The look and feel of the course catalog is subject to change.
  • Q: Will this affect Alumni Relations’ Advance system in any way, or the rest of the campus's ability to access alumni data?  I ask because at an SCB staff meeting, our SCB GeneSIS liaison mentioned something about other folks on campus having access to alumni info on their own without having to go through our office.
    • A: The GeneSIS project team will build an interface from the new SIS to the Advance system, therefore its functionality will not be replaced and other campus users will continue to access alumni data the way they currently do today. According to Patrick Saeva, Director of Technical Strategies, Development & Alumni Relations, "Advance will not change, the current process will not change. We will likely see new data as part of the new academic structure as well as the new interface that we will develop, but a lot of that will be behind the scenes."

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