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  • The GeneSIS project team is in the process of finalizing functional and technical design of the portions of the system that will be launched in Go-Live 1 this October. Go-Live 1 will primarily introduce portions of the system used to build the course catalog and schedule of classes. While the general RIT population will not immediately feel the impacts of this go-live, the new portions of the system launched in October will change many of the business processes for RIT’s scheduling officers. The GeneSIS Student Records team has worked closely with scheduling officers from each of RIT’s colleges over the past several months introducing them to the new system and having them try new business processes in a prototype environment. Joe Loffredo, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Registrar says “working with the scheduling officers has been a significant milestone because these are the first end users who have touched the new system. We have them working with a prototype of the new system and we are making significant progress there.”  The GeneSIS team will begin extensively testing the new portions of the SIS for go-live 1 in August.
  • On August 1st Verna Hazen, Assistant Vice President and Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships will visit the Change Agent Network meeting to discuss the financial aid portions of the new SIS. In August the Change Agent Network will also see a preview of the new SIS and help the GeneSIS training team pilot the Introduction to PeopleSoft course. The course will serve as a pre-requisite before RIT employees begin using administrative functions of the new system. The session will cover important PeopleSoft terminology, navigating the system, using different search modes, customizing favorites, viewing and entering data, plus detail RIT’s academic structure.

Questions from the Ask GeneSIS Mailbox

Each month we’ll answer questions about the GeneSIS project asked by RIT students, faculty, and staff. If you have a question about the GeneSIS project, please visit the Ask GeneSIS page.

  • Q: What current RIT websites are going to be replaced due to the new SIS implementation?
    • A: According to Mark Maimone, GeneSIS portal lead “Sites that are dependent on the current student information system are going to be replaced. These sites will be replaced using our suite of PeopleSoft products (PeopleSoft enterprise Portal, Campus Solutions, CRM, etc). Although the primary point of entry into PeopleSoft for students will be the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, we will use a combination of these products to replace the existing functionality. Our goal is to make the navigation between these systems seamless to the end user, so the information a student sees at any given time may come from any one of the products. So technically they may be in student self service, for example, but it may appear that they are in the portal because that is where they started. The following is list of some sites/portal that will be replaced by our PeopleSoft implementation:
      • ( Student Financial Services)
      • ( Registrar )
      • ( Admissions )
      • ( current RIT portal)”

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