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  • On February 28th the GeneSIS project team reached a major milestone by approving the academic structure of the new student information system. This configuration sets the foundation for the implementation of all of the modules in the Campus Solutions and CRM software. The academic structure was approved by the Provost and all of the GeneSIS project functional team leads.
  • Members of the project management staff conducted the first official Change Agent Network meeting on March 11. The Change Agent Network was established to serve as a liaison between the GeneSIS project team and the greater RIT community to ensure that their constituents are kept up to date with the project’s progress and understand how the new system will impact members of the RIT community directly. It is composed of over 50 students, faculty, staff, and administrators from across the campus. We have posted a full Change Agent Network roster to the GeneSIS website and we encourage you to speak with the change agent from your area if you have any questions related to the GeneSIS project. Members of the GeneSIS project management team meet with the Change Agent Network once a month to share details about the new system and the project’s progress. The next Change Agent Network meeting is scheduled for April 15th.
  • Chandra V. McKenzie has been appointed the Change Management lead throughout the course of the GeneSIS project. This special assignment comes with the blessing of Academic Affairs to help ensure a successful implementation of the new SIS. Please direct any questions related to the GeneSIS change management plan or the Change Agent Network to Chandra McKenzie.
  • A team of four RIT Software Engineering students will take the course outline forms from curriculum conversion Word documents and create a database for mapping quarter courses to semester courses.  This database will support loading course data into the new SIS software and other conversion efforts.  The project is currently at the half-way point and the Semester Conversion project scheduling committee will help test this system. Registrar and GeneSIS project team lead Joe Loffredo is driving this project.
  • In the interests of RIT students in Rochester and abroad, the university will align the term beginning and end dates of its international campuses with its main campus. Therefore registrations and final exams will occur at the same time across all campuses in the new SIS. In addition, the new SIS will be able to show different holiday schedules for students at different campuses.
  • We’ve posted an updated GeneSIS project timeline to our website that features projected start and go-live dates for the different modules within the new SIS. Click here for a larger version.

  • On April 14th the project management staff will visit the Academic Senate and Staff Council meetings to discuss the project, answer questions, and take suggestions about the new SIS.

Questions from the Ask GeneSIS Mailbag

Each month we’ll answer a few questions about the GeneSIS project asked by RIT students, faculty, and staff. This month we’ll address some questions that were raised at the Student Government Senate meeting. If you have a question about the GeneSIS project, please visit the Ask GeneSIS page.

  • Q: Will advisors be able to see if students have taken required prerequisites to courses in the new SIS?
    • A: Yes, prerequisite checking will be one of many great benefits of the new SIS.
  • Q: Will the new SIS merge with the Access Services website to make requesting interpreters and note-takers easier?
    • A: Our goal is to integrate the two systems as much as possible. Currently, students have to use multiple systems and the data does not completely feed between the two, and as a result students have to manually re-enter data. We realize more integration between the new SIS and ASDS would greatly improve the student experience with both systems and plan to implement this in the future.
  • Q: Will RIT staff need new software on their computers to be able to complete transactions in the new SIS?
    • A: The Campus Solutions and CRM software use a web-centric design called Pure Internet Architecture (PIA), which will allow all of RIT’s business functions to be accessed and run on a web browser. Below is a more detailed list of certified browsers that will support data transactions in the Campus Solutions and CRM software:
      • Firefox releases 3.5 and 3.6
      • Internet Explorer releases 7 and 8
      • Safari releases 3, 4, and 5

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