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I’m pleased to welcome you back to RIT for the beginning of the 2010-2011 academic year. We have important information to share about the process of replacing RIT’s legacy student information systems with the next generation of student systems.  The project to design a new state-of-the-art system that will provide greater services, flexibility for changes, and increased capability for students, faculty, and staff has begun. This broadly-scoped project, called GeneSIS, has brought together partners from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management & Career Services, and Finance & Administration.

This is an opportunity for RIT to look to the future and build a systems base that will support RIT Vision 2025 as well as meet current demands. The new student information system will be in place by 2012 and will act as a crucial component to ensure a smooth transition from the current quarter system to a semester-based academic calendar in 2013.

To date, the GeneSIS project team conducted a comprehensive analysis of SIS software solutions to recommend the optimal product to the Technology Advisory Team. Together they conducted a comprehensive assessment of several vendors’ product offerings that included industry-leading architecture, feature richness, full integration, RIT infrastructure fit, and vendor support. After carefully assessing these software solutions, RIT chose to implement the Oracle Corporation’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions product. RIT and PeopleSoft will begin implementing the new SIS this October.

We are committed to being transparent during this transition and we will work to actively engage the RIT community along this three-year journey. On the GeneSIS website you will find frequent updates about the project’s progress, detailed information about how the project will impact you, and eventually previews of the new SIS.  You can click on the “Ask GeneSIS” link to ask questions or provide feedback.  Forums will be scheduled throughout academic year to provide updates. 

Thank you. I wish you all a happy and productive new academic year.


James H. Watters
Senior Vice President and Treasurer
Finance & Administration

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