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I would like to share an update on the progress of the GeneSIS project, RIT’s initiative to replace its legacy student information systems with an enterprise system. The GeneSIS project team has made significant strides since my last message about the project.

At the start of the calendar year, the GeneSIS project team began work with our partners from Oracle Consulting Services to design and configure a new student information system that will meet RIT’s needs for the next several decades. Currently the project team is working to configure portions of the system that will handle transactions related to admissions, financial aid, student records, student financials, and degree audit. In this time they have reached several important milestones, completed the initial configuration of several components of the system, and approved an academic structure that will serve as the foundation for all of the modules in the Campus Solutions and CRM software.

The GeneSIS project is moving along on schedule for a full system implementation by fall 2012. Different pieces of the new SIS will become available in a series of go-live dates that begin in October 2011.

  • The first Go-Live in October 2011 will allow RIT scheduling officers to use the new SIS to build the 2012 academic year course catalog and schedule of classes. The course catalog and schedule of classes will be available for the rest of the campus to view this December.
  • The second Go-Live occurs in December 2011 and will introduce new recruiting admissions tools for RIT’s three admissions departments, a new portal that will replace, and portions of the system that support transactions for the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.
  • Most RIT students and faculty will begin to use the new student information system more extensively after the third Go-Live date, which occurs in March 2012. Go-Live 3 will introduce an improved course registration process for students to enroll in classes for fall 2012. The student financials components of the new SIS will be fully in place with Go-Live 3 as well.
  • Go-Live 4 occurs in June 2012 and will provide new tools to help advisors support students in their progress towards their degrees. These tools will be crucial to help improve retention rates at RIT and ensure students transition smoothly from quarters to semesters in 2013.
  • The final Go-Live occurs September 2012 and will introduce a new integrated degree audit tool that will allow all RIT students to check their progress towards graduation in real time.

Prior to each go-live the new components of the SIS will be extensively tested to ensure all system functionality is working properly. Training and support plans have been developed to ensure the RIT community is well-equipped to adopt the new system.

This project requires a high degree of cooperation from stakeholders across the campus. The GeneSIS project team has worked to keep the campus engaged by meeting with such key groups as Student Government, Academic Senate, and Staff Council. Additionally, they established a Change Agent Network of over 50 students, faculty, staff, and administrators from across the campus that meets monthly to ensure their constituents are kept up to date with the project’s progress and understand how the new system will impact members of the RIT community directly. We encourage you to direct your input about the project through these groups.

James H. Watters
Senior Vice President and Treasurer
Finance & Administration

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