Portfolio Requirements

All applicants to the RIT Architecture program must be submit a digital portfolio in PDF format. Print or bound portfolios or digital portfolios in formats other than PDF will not be accepted or reviewed. Please note, all PDF portfolios should be smaller than 6.0mb in size. Files larger than this will not be accepted or reviewed. In the event the review committee requires additional information or higher resolution images, the applicant will be notified.

Guidelines for Portfolio Preparation

Image quality

A medium quality image setting on a digital camera is sufficient. No images should be pixelated.
File size: The total size must be 8.5x11” and cannot exceed 6.0mb. Alternatively you may use the PDF portfolio feature (found under FILE, in more recent versions of Acrobat) to create your portfolio. Again, total file size may not exceed 6.0mb.


Landscape orientation is preferred.


Crop out unnecessary objects from the images so that there are no distractions from work presented.

Image Enhancement

If the image files of your work are not accurate after photographing, image-editing software is allowed to correct the appearance of the files you are submitting. Please use caution. It is important to maintain the integrity of the original artwork. Images should be clear and free of reflections or “hot spots.”

File Name

You may submit only one PDF file as your portfolio. It should follow this format: UARC_XX_LASTNAME.PDF, where XX is equal to the two year code for the academic year to which you are applying, 2011, for example would be 11, 2012 would be 12, etc. Enter your last name in all capital letters in place of LASTNAME. Do not enter given names or middle names in this field.


All PDF portfolio files must be submitted via the RIT online application system or sent by email to gradapp@rit.edu. Include your name in the subject line of the email. Files delivered on CD/ROM or USB drives can not be reviewed or accepted.