January 31, 2018

$300,000 Still on the Table for Digital Manufacturing Technology Adoption

For many, implementing new technology is challenging. Despite the value that can be captured by connecting equipment, facilities, and even products through the Internet of Things, integrating the technologies that make connectivity possible often means rethinking production processes, upgrading or retrofitting equipment, and sometimes even changing product designs. For many businesses, these challenges can translate into new costs and operational disruptions. And compounding that, it can be difficult to make the business case for dedicating in-house expertise to this transition (and away from production) or finding new outside talent.

Fortunately, resources like the New York State Office of Empire State Development (ESD) recognize these challenges, and aim to provide the tools to address them. By lowering transition costs with funding and technical assistance, ESD aims to alleviate one of the major barriers to advanced technology adoption. And by making it easier to adopt new technology, ESD hopes to help New York State manufacturers stay ahead of the competition.

To that end, ESD’s recently announced Manufacturing Technology Advancement Grant Program is still open for project ideas. The program makes $300,000 in state funding available to support companies in implementing market-ready technologies developed in Manufacturing USA Institutes. ESD specifically highlights technologies from the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) that enable industrial connectivity; an advancement that could help NYS companies achieve anything from process monitoring capability to predictive analytics through IIoT platforms for legacy machines.

As a major partner in DMDII, resources like the COE-ASM can help companies leverage this funding not only to gain access to these advanced technologies, but also to deliver the expertise necessary to implement them as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Integrating new technology in product design, real-time data analytics, and intelligent process control doesn’t have to mean high costs and major disruptions. COE-ASM can help smooth your transition to connected systems and improved business outcomes. Contact us to discuss how we can help you strengthen your implementation project proposal.