Electronics Lab

Electronics Lab: The primary function of this facility is to advance the design and development of eco-friendly electronic and embedded systems. The lab is equipped to design new systems (hardware and embedded software) as well as execute performance and reliability testing and evaluation of existing designs.

Capabilities include:
  • Designing systems taking into consideration the entire product life cycle, including reuse, refurbishing, and end-of-life
  • Analysis of existing products to determine their potential for remanufacturing and reuse
  • Minimizing the use of non-sustainable techniques and materials (including lead)
  • Development of test and requalification strategies to ensure that sustainable products are just as reliable and have the same long life as single-use designs
  • Development of sensing and measurement systems for the in-situ analysis of sustainability, including energy production and consumption, and platform health (diagnostics and prognostics)
  • Rapid prototyping of systems for both lab and in-field environments



Eastman Building 01-2309
1 Lomb Memorial Dr. Rochester, NY

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