Staples Sustainable Innovation Lab

Staples Sustainable Innovation Lab: The Staples Sustainable Innovation Lab was funded by a generous gift from Staples Inc. The purpose of the gift is to provide high-quality research opportunities, facilities, and funding to help shape the future of sustainable office products. The lab’s primary vision is to be a trusted global source for research and education that advances the sustainability of doing business. The goal is to make the general business environment more sustainable for workers, the public, the environment and the economy.

Current research and development priorities seek to understand and accelerate the deployment and use of sustainable materials, products and processes in the following areas:
  • To expand the scientific understanding of office product and business practice impacts
  • To assist in the development of novel and responsible product and packaging solutions
  • To develop innovative purchasing practices and solutions that will green the supply chain
  • To explore creative merchandising that will reduce the retail impacts of displaying and selling a product
  • To explore market transformational trends in business operations that will influence future product designs



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