Engine Dynamometer

Engine Dynamometer: The Engine Dynamometer Laboratory is staffed and equipped for investigations of engine performance and emissions resulting from the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and from the use of biofuels formulated in a variety of blends. The lab's Mustang MD-260 is a water-cooled eddy-current dynamometer capable of measuring up to 350 hp and 1000 lb*ft of torque. Eddy-current dynamometers are notable for settling to a constant speed or torque more rapidly, allowing for more controlled testing.

This lab is configured to support current Department of Transportation sponsored research into the durability, maintenance, efficiency and emissions of high-blend ratios of biodiesel fuel. Prior research has largely focused on low-blend ratios – 20% and less. Our research will extend the knowledge base to blend ratios of 90% or more. Further research is planned into engine wear, deposit formation and engine oil change intervals. The lab will also investigate engine performance, efficiency and emissions production at various blends and load/speed combinations.

Dynamometer Support System:

  • Coolant system to prevent overheating
  • Exhaust system(s)
  • Automated fuel mixing
  • Charge air cooler for all forced induction engines

Dynamometer Control System:

  • Custom Control Software by Mustang Dynamometers allows for complete operation of the Engine and Dynamometer. Capable of creating specific programs for custom testing. Reads all current data acquisition modules and can record data in real time.
  • Data Acquisition Device: Ethernet-based data acquisition device communicates with the control computer. It has relay outputs, digital inputs and outputs, frequency inputs, analog inputs and outputs and thermocouple modules.
  • Control Computer and Interface Computer: The control computer operates in the lab and processes the data being sent to and from the interface computer. The interface computer is in the control room where the operator can send commands to the engine, run tests and record data.

A GIS data sheet describing the Engine Dynamometer Laboratory is available here.



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