Fuel Cell Testbed

Fuel Cell Testbed: This testbed provides experimental facilities for studying a variety of fuel cell technologies over a wide range of power levels up to 100 kW. Our investigations extend from small-scale experiments involving materials development and fundamental transport process evaluation, to full commercial-scale systems for automotive, auxiliary power and stationary power applications. Our research scope also includes production of hydrogen by catalytic reforming of a wide range of hydrocarbon fuels. Renewable bio-fuels, which offer a carbon-neutral source of hydrogen, are derived from waste materials. The combination of waste-derived bio-fuels, fuel reforming for hydrogen production, and electrochemical conversion in fuel cells offers a full energy cycle that is nearly carbon-neutral and economically viable for distributed power generation.

System-level testing and analysis of various fuel cell technologies include:

  • Solid oxide (SOFC), proton exchange membrane (PEMFC) and phosphoric acid (PAFC)
  • Fuel reforming processes to produce hydrogen-rich reformate to supply to fuel cell systems
  • Assessment of hydrogen storage technologies and refueling infrastructure
  • Experimental investigation of water management and low-temperature operation of PEM fuel cells, and development of surface-active materials to mitigate water accumulation
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel for advanced internal combustion engines (ICEs) and to reform into hydrogen for fuel cells
  • Production of bio-fuels by conversion from organic waste resources, including anaerobic digestion of food waste (methane), fermentation of food and crop waste (ethanol, butanol), and transesterification of waste cooking oil (biodiesel).
  • Six (6) gaseous and five (5) liquid fuel supplies. H2 tube trailer and filling station. GC, MS, ABC-170ce, and micro-soot meter equipment available.




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