Fuel Cell & Biofuels Testbed

Fuel Cell & Biofuels Testbed: This fully outfitted testbed is for both component and full sized system testing of fuel cells, covering the range of 10’s of watts to 120KW. Lab resources that support this testing include dynamic loads up to 170 KW, a variety of plumbed combustible gases, and 5 liquid fuel tanks. Analytical equipment is available to evaluate fuel conversion processes, process control stability, generated by-products, and overall system efficiency.

The biofuels section of this facility focuses on the life-cycle assessment (LCA) of waste-to-energy pathways, and vehicle performance with biofuel blends. This specialized testbed is equipped for research, development, and testing of processes to extract fuel or energy from organic materials and wastes.

System-level testing and analysis of various fuel cell & biofuels technologies include:

  • Solid oxide (SOFC), proton exchange membrane (PEMFC) and phosphoric acid (PAFC)
  • Fuel reforming processes to produce hydrogen-rich reformate to supply to fuel cell systems
  • Assessment of hydrogen storage technologies and refueling infrastructure
  • Experimental investigation of water management and low-temperature operation of PEM fuel cells, and development of surface-active materials to mitigate water accumulation
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel for advanced internal combustion engines (ICEs) and to reform into hydrogen for fuel cells
  • Production of biofuels by conversion from organic waste resources, including anaerobic digestion of food waste (methane), fermentation of food and crop waste (ethanol, butanol), and transesterification of waste cooking oil (biodiesel).
  • Six (6) gaseous and five (5) liquid fuel supplies. H2 tube trailer and filling station. GC, MS, ABC-170ce, and micro-soot meter equipment available.




Eastman Building 01-2309
1 Lomb Memorial Dr. Rochester, NY

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