Transmission Dynamometer

Transmission Dynamometer: Once a transmission has been removed from a vehicle, this quality assessment tool enables safe, controlled load- and stress- testing of components throughout the transmission’s power and speed range, which can reveal deficiencies in the assembly's operating condition before it is placed back in service. GIS' dynamometer has been used to test transmissions, gear fatigue, prototype CV joints, and planetary gear hubs.

The control system of GIS' transmission dynamometer features customizable control software that reads all current data acquisition modules and can record data in real time. Data acquisition is performed using an Ethernet-based device that communicates with the control computer. It has relay output, digital input and output, frequency input, analog input and output, thermocouple, and vibration modules.

Transmission Dynamometer specifications:
  • Motor Hp: 300
  • Base speed: 1787 rpm @ 882 ft-lb
  • Transmission: Fluid heat exchanger
  • Optional gearbox setup provides 5.611:1 reduction to the test specimen. Maximum rpm is 320 @ 2945 ft-lb



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