Vehicle Dynamics Testbed

Vehicle Dynamics Testbed: This R&D facility enables GIS engineers to analyze the performance of key automobile and truck systems using engine and chassis dynamometers allowing researchers to collect and analyze data on the performance of new transmission or differential designs, alternative vehicle fuels and the reliability and durability of hybrid and electric vehicles. This information will enable designers to redesign parts and systems with improved reliability, durability and performance leading to higher efficiency, reduced operating costs, longer useful life, and greater sustainability. It will also enable the testing and evaluation of remanufactured components for these new vehicle power and drivetrain systems.

Equipment and capabilities include:
  • A four-wheel-drive AC motored chassis dynamometer to evaluate the reliability and durability of hybrid and electric vehicle propulsion systems and drivetrains
  • An engine dynamometer to evaluate the performance and durability of engines using different biofuels and blends, as well as evaluating methods for reducing engine emissions
  • An electric vehicle propulsion lab for conducting research into viable and sustainable battery systems, configurations, and chemistries that can be used for electric or hybrid vehicle propulsion
  • Performance and durability study of single battery cells compared to battery packs and full integrated battery systems



Eastman Building 01-2309
1 Lomb Memorial Dr. Rochester, NY

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