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Environmental Assessment techniques are used to estimate and evaluate both the significant short-term and long-term effects of an imaging product or a product component on the environment. The Imaging Products Laboratory uses Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculations to identify ways to alleviate, minimize, or eliminate these effects and/or compensate for their environmental impact.

Materials Analysis

Materials Analysis image

IPL can provide the specialized test equipment, trained staff, dedicated lab space, and working experience required to determine the environmental impact of material choices in imaging products and supplies.

Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment image

IPL uses tools such as LCA to analyze and predict the likely environmental and economic impact of changes or substitutions of materials in products.

Environmental Impact

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IPL uses indicators such as natural resource use, energy use, human or environmental health, mass recovered, mass recycled, or carbon footprint to quantify changes to a product's impact on the environment.