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End of Life (EOL) Management involves identifyng how value and asset recovery techniques, such as reconditioning, recycling, and remanufacturing are applied to products which have reached the end of their product lifetimes. IPL staff develop processes, analyis techniques, and implement customized EOL options for imaging components and equipment. These services are based on years of experience in this highly specialized field.

The OPC Drum Analyzer and Wiper Blade Analyzer are representative examples of completed EOL projects. IPL identified critical-to-function attributes, conducted a remaining life analysis, developed on-condition techniques, and designed and built the test equipment, which is currently in use worldwide to identify quality components that can be used for another life cycle.

EOL Process Development

OPC Drum image

Each product offers unique EOL challenges. IPL can provide expertise in process development, remaining life evaluation, reverse logistics, and asset recovery to maximize the benefit of EOL management programs.

OPC Drum Analyzer

OPC Drum image

This equipment inpects the critical parameters of the OPC to determine reuse for an additional lifecycle. IPL found that recovered wiper blades reduce drum wear by between 25-45%. This combination allows an average of 60% of OPC drums to be reused.

Wiper Blade Analyzer

EOL wiper blades image

This apparatus analyzes the condition of the working edges of wiper blades contained in toner cartridges. Edge condition is the major criteria for reuse of the original wiper blades in remanufactured cartridges. Wiper blade testing and analysis conducted at IPL determined that wiper blades have significantly longer life. In theory, blades can be reused up to 10 times; >90% of wiper blades are typically reusable after one use.