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Smart Products and Production Systems are the next frontier in manufacturing competiveness and offer a great opportunity for imaging businesses. Smart imaging products leverage intelligent systems, embedded sensors, and connectivity to provide customers with advanced utility throughout the life cycle.

IPL customers can select an array of imaging product design and production research options that incorporate smart technologies.

Data Analysis & Modeling

IPL offers imaging customers data inspection, cleaning, transforming, and modeling techniques to highlight useful information, suggest conclusions, and support decision-making for their business processes.

Decision Support Systems

IPL can provide interactive software-based systems that enable imaging product customers to identify and solve problems and make informed technical and/or marketing decisions based on a combination of personal knowledge, raw data, paper or electronic documentation, and business models.

Life Cycle Engineering

IPL uses sophisticated Life Cycle Engineering techniques to assess the environmental and economic impacts of the entire life cycle of a printer or other imaging product which incorporates sensors, wireless connnectivity, and other smart technologies.

Imaging Command Control

IPL can design and build custom comand-driven data systems that enable a customer to exercise full device health monitoring and control over one or hundreds of different printers or other imaging equipment.