Advanced Training and Education Program Offerings


Advanced Training and Education Program

GIS offers training on-site or at RIT that addresses today's most pressing business, manufacturing and sustainability issues.


Hands-on training and short courses in a variety of technology areas valuable to the remanufacturing industry which provide immediate benefits to remanufacturers and their businesses.

  • Design for Remanufacturers
  • Reverse Engineering for Remanufacturing
  • Remaining Life Assessment for Re-use of Electro-Mechanical Components
  • Remanufacturing Research and Development Challenges
  • Calculating the True Cost of Cleaning
  • Material Restoration
  • Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE)
  • Lean Remanufacturing Overview
  • Lean Remanufacturing Deployment
  • Workstation Design for Lean Initiatives
  • Quality System Development
  • Improving Quality - Straight to the Bottom Line
  • Energy Conservation in Remanufacturing
  • Alternative Fuels and New Technologies Impact on Remanufacturing
  • Ergonomics and Productivity in Reman
  • Economic Downturn Improvement Priorities
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Warranty Analysis

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

Skills and techniques taught to designers, engineers and manufacturers enabling them to work within the entire life cycle of a product, often referred to as cradle-to-grave.


  • Sustainable Design
  • Fundamentals of Sustainability Science
  • Technology, Policy, and Sustainability
  • Economics of Sustainability
  • Leading with Safer Materials
  • Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Streamlined Life-Cycle Analysis (SLCA)
  • Design for Remanufacturing
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Risk Analysis
  • Multicriteria Sustainable Systems Analysis


  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Life-Cycle Engineering
  • Material Selection/Substitution
  • End-of-Life Processes
  • Metal Finishing
  • Product End-of-Life Management
  • Metrics for Sustainable Manufacturing
  • ISO Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Pollution Prevention Tools and Techniques
  • Metrics and Certification for Supply Chains

Energy Systems

Applying the science and technologies of energy to business.

  • Energy Management Systems
  • Microgrids and Smart Buildings
  • Economy, Energy and the Environment (E3)
  • Building Retuning Training (BCTEP)
  • Green Offices, Green Purchasing
  • ISO 50001


Topics related to saving time and money while increasing profit.

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Process Optimization
  • Planning for a World-Class Manufacturing Facility
  • Sustainability Metrics
  • Work Cell Design
  • Workplace Safety

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