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mkMark Krystofik, Ph.D. Candidate, Sustainability
Mark Krystofik has a B.S. degree in Mathematics from SUNY-Fredonia, B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering from SUNY-Buffalo.  Mark has over 15 years of industrial experience working in manufacturing and engineering management. Mark’s research is focused on exploring the environmental and economic trade-offs associated with end-of-life (EOL) decisions for consumer products. He is interested in using his findings to educate consumers, encourage business to design and produce products for more sustainable EOL handling, and inform policy makers to develop social policies that lead to more sustainable EOL decisions while minimizing impacts to consumer and producer economic well-being.  Mark resides in Penfield, NY (a suburb of Rochester) with his wife Mary and their three children.

GoeMichele Goe, Ph.D. Candidate, Sustainability
Michele Lauren Goe was born in Detroit, MI. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering ('07) and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ('04). Michele enjoys traveling and received a Chinese Language Study Abroad Fellowship in 2004 to study abroad for 6 months in Beijing where she accomplished fluency in Mandarin. As an undergraduate, she was awarded the GEM Masters Fellowship and a full tuition scholar recognition award. She has over 2 years experience in industry completing several engineering design and manufacturing internships and co-op positions including Bose Corp, Apple Computer, and General Motors. Michele's research interests include urban redevelopment, social justice, K-12 education, sustainability policy, e-waste, and green product design.

xuewXue Wang, Ph.D. Candidate, Sustainability
Xue Wang holds a B.S. in Electronic Commerce from Zhengzhou University in China, and previously she received her M.S. in Applied Statistics in the Center for Quality and Applied Statistics from RIT. Xue is primarily interested in time series analysis, multivariate analysis, experimental design and quality control and improvement. She obtained the Hromi Scholarship in 2009.

xuewChelsea Bailey, Ph.D. Candidate, Sustainability
Chelsea Bailey is a first generation graduate, receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Gonzaga University in 2010. Her primary interests are characterizing economically viable recycling strategies for Li-ion batteries with a focus on environmentally benign technologies. Recently, Chelsea’s work on battery recycling won second prize at the International Symposium for Sustainable Systems and Technologies conference.


b1Sean Bourke, McNair Scholar, B.S. Candidate, Electrical Engineering Technology.


Callie Babbitt
Brian Landi and Seth Hubbard at the NanoPower Research Labs
Randolph Kirchain, Elsa Olivetti, Frank Field, and Rich Roth at the Materials Systems Lab at MIT



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