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NanoPower Research Labs

Carbon Nanotube

MWCNT Synthesis

Ambient Pressure, Injection Chemical Vapor Deposition System

MWCNTs are synthesized using an injection chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process at ambient pressure using a process developed in-house at the NPRL and modeled after a reactor developed at the NASA Glenn Research Center. A syringe pump is used to inject a metal organic precursor, cyclopentadienyliron dicarbonyl dimer, dissolved in xylene into a tube furnace at elevated temperature with a controlled rate. A unique coaxial tip has been designed for this reactor which consists of a quartz capillary tube jacketed by a stainless steel tube. The precursor solution travels within the quartz capillary tube and the outer tube acts as a pathway for the carrier gas. At the tip, the carrier gas and precursor solution converge which subsequently aerosolizes the solution assisting its movement into the hot zone of the furnace. Upon reaching the hot zone of the furnace, the metal organic precursor is cracked causing iron to be deposited within the reaction vessel. MWCNTs growth is catalyzed by these particles and proceeds as long as the solution is injected into the vessel. Raw soot containing high purity MWCNT is collected from the tube; vertically aligned MWCNTs have also been grown in this CVD reactor using SiO2 on Si as the substrate.

SEM images of MWNT aligned array at magnification (a) 250x (b) 2000x (c) 40000x.
Recent Publications:
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