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Cellular and Genetic Mysteries

July 16 - 20, 2018

Middle School Camp

Camp Description

From Robert Hooke’s first microscope to the sophisticated state-of-the-art imaging systems found on the RIT campus, scientists have worked hard to unlock the secret life of the cell. This camp is for young scientists that are curious about what cells and DNA are and how they make us who we are. We will make the invisible visible, as we explore and inquire.

Sample Investigations

How do protists live with just one cell? Protists are fascinating creatures that live in most environments on earth. These single celled organisms are complex and fascinating models we can use to understand ourselves and the jobs our cells need to do.

Can we use jellyfish DNA to genetically engineer bacteria? One of the incredible things about cells and DNA is that the pieces and parts are interchangeable. This has led scientists to wonder what happens when we start mixing them together. Campers will find out what happens when bioluminescence genes from a jellyfish are inserted into a bacterial cell.

Can you make the case with DNA? Using a simulated crime scene, campers will apply scientific inquiry to make a case for a suspect. The analysis of DNA and other evidence will model the methods forensic scientists use to solve crimes and will lead us to a better understanding of how our DNA makes each of us unique.

Other Notes

  • Campers are expected to bring a lunch.
  • Snacks will be provided during the day.
  • Students should come dressed appropriately for travel around campus.