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Chemistry in my Cookies?

July 20 - 24, 2015

Middle School Camp

Camp Description

Do you love the aroma of warm butter, gooey chocolate and crisp sweetness found in chocolate chip cookies? Do you have any idea of the chemistry involved in the making of these cookies? In this session, campers will investigate these chemical and biological processes by designing the perfect chocolate chip cookie. They will participate in various field, laboratory, and computer investigations, and through these explorations, will uncover the mysteries about the macromolecule ingredient in their cookies.

Sample Investigations

What are molecules and how do they behave? Campers will create physical models of macromolecules to understand what they are made of and why they behave how they do.

How much sugar is too much sugar? Campers will investigate the effects of sugar on the homeostasis of water fleas (Daphnia magna).

What is your perfect cookie? Campers will use their knowledge of macromolecule behavior and mathematical models to design and execute a recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

Other Notes

  • Campers are expected to bring a lunch.
  • Snacks will be provided during the day.
  • Students should come dressed appropriately for travel around campus.